📐 PCB alignment controls
align b 4
Let's face it, all of us PCB designers have some level of OCD. Who hasn't spent more than a fair amount of time making sure a trace lines up perfectly with a pad?
We made it easier to do just that. Drag to select and use the align menu to get the perfect alignment that lets you sleep at night.
Pro tip
- Each alignment option has its own keyboard shortcut:
  • Alt/⌥+W - Align selected elements to the top vertically
  • Alt/⌥+ V - Align selected elements to the center vertically
  • Alt/⌥+S - Align selected elements to the bottom vertically
  • Alt/⌥+A - Align selected elements to the left horizontally
  • Alt/⌥+H - Align selected elements to the center horizontally
  • Alt/⌥+D - Align selected elements to the right horizontally
  • Ctrl/⌘+O - Automatically space selected elements evenly.
Introducing portals
Those of us with OCD may appreciate this update. We've introduced portals to make it easier to keep schematics clean as they get complex. You can now connect two nets without having to run a long wire across the editor. Think of it as net labels but with any symbol you want! Nets connected through portals will be effectively tied together this applies to schematics, simulator and PCB editor
Try cleaning up this project yourself. Or learn more about portals here.
3D model export support & performance improvements
✨ Export STL or Collada 3d models
Some of you mentioned wanting to export 3d models of your PCBs so that you can design an enclosure in other software. So, now Flux allows you to export STL and Collada file formats! Just make sure you're in the 3d view of the PCB editor to export the 3d model. Try it out yourself with this example.
⚡Hot-key for displaying layer view controller
To make it easier to give you information quickly on what layers are active, we created a shortcut to show and hide the layer view controller. Simply hit option+L on a mac or Alt+L on non-mac platforms to toggle the visibility state of the layer view controller while in PCB mode.
🐛 Bug Fixes
Goodbye bugs. Hello performance improvements. You can find more information and file your bugs here!
  • [Perf] Improve air-wire performance
  • [Bug] Fixed newly added comment thread anchor position
  • [Bug] Fixed canvas flashing
  • [Perf] Fixed unneeded renders in PCB editor
  • [Bug] Successful project deletion should clean up zustand store
  • [Bug] Fixed flashing loading state of part search results
  • Have a great weekend!
Chief Skywalker at Flux
🔥 Gerber export release & call for testers!
We've released an initial version of Gerber export that finally allows you to make your own PCB’s in Flux. This is a big milestone - check out the first simple PCB designed entirely in Flux!
Now that you can manufacture simple boards in Flux, we’re looking for volunteers who are interested in designing a simple 2 or 4 layer board and giving feedback on their experience. If you would like to join the club, join our Slack Community and add yourself to the #pcb-testers channel. We’ll setup a weekly sync and to go over your feedback and ideas together while you manufacture your own board in Flux!
You can also try out the Gerber export with this simple PCB example by opening it, selecting the drop down on the top left > export > Extended Gerber RS-274X2 (.zip) and then uploading it to your favorite online Gerber viewer to check it out. If you spot any bugs or have any feedback please feel free to report them in our feedback portal.
🚀 New Features and Improvements
  • PCB route snapping
  • Add new nodes to the currently-active layer
  • Added unction to calculate ballast resistance for LEDs
  • Feature: Hashtags are now links!
  • Gerber export now supports 4 layer boards
  • Round resistance value to nearest standard resistor
🐛 Bug Fixes
Bye bye bugs. You can find more information and file your bugs here.
  • Fixed insert comment button
  • Switch on and off is time dependent
  • Fixed Custom shapes centering issue
  • Fixed viewing a document changing last updated by
  • Proper pixel ratio config
  • Remove support for clients that don't have WebGL
📣 Join the Slack Community
Want to meet amazing builders, makers, and engineers? Join our Slack community and introduce yourself! We'd love to hear what you're building.
Have a great week everyone!
Chief Skywalker at Flux
Adaptive Scaling of Part Labels, Controls, and Plots ✨
🔍 Adaptive Scaling of Part Labels, Controls, and Plots
In Flux, a schematic is not a flat, static, document anymore, it adapts and changes based on different zoom levels to make it easier to read and interact with. Now, a part's designators, properties, controls, and plots automatically resize based on the zoom level. There when you need them, gone when you don't. Check it out in this example document!
🐛 Other Updates and Bug Fixes
  • [Bugfix] Fix minor issues with global rules
  • [Bugfix] Correct z index of terminals while dragging
  • [Feature] Metamodule adaptive scaling
  • [Bugfix] Document-level properties were not being displayed in sidebar
  • [Bugfix] Fix recursion error in PCB editor
  • [Feature] Add scale rule
  • [Bugfix] Double click to create branch point
  • [Bugfix] Fix zoom to fit for metamodules
  • [Feature] PCB connectors
  • [Feature] Remove duplicate designators
  • [Bugfix] Fix style for input label overflow in property panel
  • [Bugfix] Fix click target box calculation issue.
  • [Feature] Use radius for PCB circular pads
  • [Bugfix] Remove delay from updates in checkboxes in metamodules
  • [Bugfix] Hide branch points in wiring mode
  • [Bugfix] Fixes the flicker of contributor image on load
  • [Bugfix] Part sourcing bug with Digikey
  • [Feature] PCB Footprint and 3D updates
  • [Feature] Convert footprints to rules
Live part availability & pricing and PCB editor feedback request 🚀
Part Sourcing
⚡ Part Pricing and Availability
Searching for part availability and pricing can be a tedious task. That's why we're so excited to announce that you can now view part availability and pricing in real-time without ever leaving Flux.
To use it, simply click on any part and make sure that you have a part manufacturer number defined in the properties. Then, Flux automatically pulls in the latest information on that part from Digikey, Mouser, and LCSC. Go ahead a check it out in this example document.
A special thanks to our customer Vijay Pradeep for suggesting this feature! 🙏
🤖 Laying the groundwork for a PCB Editor
We think PCB design could be much, much simpler and easier to use. We've been hard at work on a PCB editor that we're pretty excited about. The vision is to have an incredibly smooth and connected workflow from initial schematic diagram, simulation, and all the way to a manufacturable PCB. Change something at any step and everything stays in sync.
🐛 Other updates and bug fixes
  • [FEATURE] Add support for idealized current source in simulator
  • [FEATURE] Package updates for Tantalum Capacitors and Resistor SMD, and resistor axial packages
  • [BUGFIX] Fix controls editor
  • [BUGFIX] Z-axis rotation fix for PCB editor
  • [BUGFIX] Fix board size value undefined or set to auto
  • [BUGFIX] Fix value evaluation for PCB editor
  • [BUGFIX] Fix grid column css for text fields in metamodules
  • [CONTENT] Updated 3D models for PCB editor
  • [FEATURE] Apply mod files as rules
  • [FEATURE] Display text output values from the simulator in meta-modules on the canvas
  • [BUGFIX] Fix setDocumentConfigs action dispatching
  • [BUGFIX] Multiple subject selection fix
  • [BUGFIX] Fix pad segments
  • [CONTENT] 6-pins packages footprint and 3d models
  • [BUGFIX] Fix auto space and alignment regression
  • [BUGFIX] Fix dependency for applying action records in DocumentContext
  • [BUGFIX] Fix redirection to landing page
  • [FEATURE] Support 3D textures for PCB editor
  • [CONTENT] SOT Package updates
  • [FEATURE] Improve .mod file rendering support
  • [CONTENT] Potentiometer packages
  • [CONTENT] Capacitors footprint and 3d files
  • [CONTENT] More footprint and 3D model updates
  • [BUGFIX] Fix rule editor
  • [BUGFIX] Fix the designator not showing on canvas
  • [BUGFIX] Fix "wobbly routes" during live collaboration
  • [FEATURE] Merge wires automatically while routing where possible
  • [FEATURE] Move all default values in code to PCB layout rules
  • [BUGFIX] Fix z is up handling
  • [FEATURE] Fuzzy matching manufactures for part sourcing
Embedding Flux documents and crushing bugs! 🚀
You can now embed Flux documents!
In response to several requests, you can now embed Flux documents with an iFrame. This works in many places you might expect like websites, blogs, and even project management tools like Trello. We're hoping that this ability will unlock collaborative use cases that we haven't even thought of!
Within the embed window, you can not only pan and zoom, but also view simulator outputs and add comments.
To embed a document, simply click the "share" button on a document and copy the embed code. Here's an example:
Bug Squashing & Perf Improvements Continues
As promised, we’ve been doubling down on getting the current feature set production-ready. That means we’re squashing bugs and reclaiming every wasted CPU cycle to deliver a first-class experience.
Now, the app load time is under 1s and the average document load time is 3s!
This is a great moment for you to provide as much feedback as you can and help prioritize work via our feedback portal.
Other updates and bug fixes 🐞
  • Added op-amp to default property suggestions
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed stars not showing in documents
  • [BUGFIX] Description field updates as expected in documents
  • [PERF] Improve app perf by reducing server requests
  • [PERF] Cache favicon to increase speed
  • [BUGFIX] fix multiplayer selection bug
  • [BUGFIX] Fix Firestore permission issue
  • [BUGFIX] Fix Simulation
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed bug where Safari failed when encountering code containing a certain regular expression.
  • [BUGFIX] scroll back to top of search results on refinement
  • [BUGFIX] fix doc name editor bug
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed error where loading of the code editor could fail occasionally after an update.
  • [BUGFIX] The change history panel now gets closed when switching from one document to another
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed issue where starting a new route from a branch point by clicking on an existing route would hide the first segment of the new route
  • [PERF] Improves startup performance by removing typescript package from the client
  • [PERF] Reordering network requests to make critical server requests first, then the uncritical ones.
  • [BUGFIX] re-enable fetching parts in search from firebase
  • [PERF] Improves load performance when opening a document from the profile view by canceling all existing requests.
  • [BUGFIX] Property cannot be deleted in Part Doc
  • [BUGFIX] Improved use of browser resources when switching a document
  • [BUGFIX] Slow Signup message
  • Deleting routes and elements in a single selection can be now undone with a single click instead of hitting the undo button once for each element deleted.
  • You can now solve gnd terminal connections to other elements through the auto-wiring
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue where the user would get stuck loading the document seeing the spinner forever.
  • [BUGFIX] Made switching between documents in the same tab more reliable.
What do you think?
As always, we'd love to hear any feedback or ideas you might have. That includes what works well, what doesn't. Or, just respond to this email to say hello :)
CEO at Flux
Easier to Create Simulated Circuits & a More Transparent Part Search 🚀
parts search upgrade
More Transparent Part Search Results
We’ve made several improvements to the part search to make it easier to find parts that you can trust in your schematics.
  • 📈
    - You can now see how many times a part was used in other projects. Parts are also sorted with a heavyweight given to the number of times a part was used within the last month.
  • Stars
    - You can see the number of stars given by other users and star your own favorite parts direction in the part search!
  • Verified badge
    - We’ve added a green verified badge if a user has produced exceptionally high-quality parts.
It’s Easier to Find Parts w/ Models for Simulation
We’ve added a “<> model” tag to parts in the search that have models to make it easier to create simulated circuits. So, be sure to use parts that have models to create a simulated circuit, or feel free to fork an existing part and add your own models.
Other updates and bug fixes 🐞
  • Feature: Parts now show usage count and fork count to increase confidence for users
  • Feature: Users can now earn a “trusted” badge based on the quality of their shared work
  • Feature: Part types now discriminate between polarized and non-polarized capacitor types
  • Performance: User input in diagramming mode feels now snappier
  • Performance: Cloning a document is now faster
  • Performance: Part search is now faster
  • Performance: The document now loads faster on a first load and even more swiftly on a refresh
  • Fix: When forking a document assets get now preserved in the forked document
  • Fix: When toggling code mode the toggle shows now the correct state
  • Fix: Star count on documents will now be consistent with the star count on the profile view
  • Fix: Importing parts from KiCad now preserves the visual order of properties
  • Fix: Only values of meaningful properties are now shown on the canvas with the symbol
  • Fix: Parts that don’t reach a certain quality bar now get downranked more drastically
  • Fix: Document now properly shows in the status bar when it finished loading
  • Fix: The fork and the star button now render the detailed edges correctly - I’m curious, let me know if you actually saw the issue ;)
  • Fix: Document URLs get now updated in all open tabs when the document name is changed in one tab
  • Fix: Scrollbars in Windows follow now the Windows style
A special thanks this week to usairemalamgeer, vasy_skral, jharwinbarrozo, and alanflux for sharing their experience and feedback.
What do you think?
As always, we'd love to hear what you think of these updates here. That includes what works well, what doesn't, and any crazy ideas!
CEO at Flux
Generic to specific part workflow & bug squashing 🚀
Generic to Specific Part Workflows
We’ve heard from many of you that the process of working with generic parts early in a project and then defining specific parts when you’re ready to build should be easier. Luckily with Flux, you can do this already!
Fork this example to see how you can use a generic capacitor at the beginning of your project and then update properties like polarization, manufacturer part number, and datasheet as you learn more about your specific needs.
In the above example, changing the part type from “polarized capacitor” to “non-polarized capacitor” actually changes the symbol appropriately using the parts model. To see how this works, open the generic capacitor and then click “code” in the bottom right.
The Bug Squashing Effort Continues
As promised, we’ve been doubling down on getting the current feature set production-ready. That means we’re squashing bugs and reclaiming every wasted CPU cycle to deliver a first-class experience.
This is a great moment for you to provide as much feedback as you can and help prioritize work via our feedback portal.
Other updates and bug fixes 🐞
  • [PERF] React lazy loading to reduce the chunk size
  • [BUGFIX] Set default background color to avoid white flash
  • [BUGFIX] Fix disconnected terminal bug
  • [PERF] Improve the loading user experience
  • [BUGFIX] Show proper document schema migration errors
  • [BUGFIX] Improved panning user experience on Windows Chrome
  • [PERF] Improve cdn access
  • [PERF] async loading external scripts
  • [BUGFIX] Auto-sizing images for document and part thumbnails
  • [PERFORMANCE] Reduce unnecessary component renders
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed accidental zooming of the window instead of canvas
  • [BUG] Minor UI bugs in AssetManagerDialog and Loader
  • [INTERNAL] Diffing improvements
  • [Bugfix] Don't overlap terminal after to part conversion
  • [Bugfix] Don't add prop changes to undo stack
  • [BUGFIX] Don't delete assets
  • [INFRA] We have been working a lot on our infrastructure to enable us to move faster
  • [INFRA] Setup a lot of automated performance testing CI infrastructure to avoid regressions
  • [BUGFIX] fix symbol value bug
What do you think?
As always, we'd love to hear what you think of these updates here. That includes what works well, what doesn't, and any crazy ideas! Or, just respond to this email to say hello :)
Have a blast this weekend!
CEO at Flux
Squashing bugs and taking names 🚀
The only good bug
The number one piece of feedback we are getting from all of you is that the current feature set of Flux is spot on (YAY!!!) and what really needs to happen now is getting it into production quality. So, the team is doubling down on quality work, squashing bugs, and reclaiming every wasted CPU cycle to deliver a first-class experience.
Therefore expect fewer new features in the coming weeks and just more quality-related improvements.
This is a great moment for you to provide as much feedback as you can and help prioritize work via our feedback portal.
Other updates and bug fixes 🐞
  • Performance: Add "self-healing" for corrupted routes
  • Tell mobile users that Flux isn't ready to be used on their phones quite yet
  • Bugfix: Improved KiCad import reliability
  • Bugfix: Crazy behavior of nets during dragging
  • Bugfix: Retain net shape when copy and pasting them
  • Bugfix: Smarter behavior when dragging net segments
  • Performance: Lowered default simulation speed to be easier on people's CPU fans & batteries
  • Added Gate primitives to simulator API
  • Performance: Smarter internal detection of time-dependent simulation models to safe CPU cycles
  • Bugfix: Proper import of Arcs from KiCad parts.
  • Bugfix: Added edge case handling to determine boundary boxes from Kicad part imports
  • Bugfix: Proper centering of a symbol from Kicad imports
  • Bugfix: Implemented a retry mechanism when the network connection fails
  • Bugfix: Improved quick succession writing to data store
  • Performance: Compress all static assets
  • Polish: Make dragging comment pins feel better
  • Bugfix: Sometimes routes appear connected but they are not
What do you think?
As always, we'd love to hear what you think of these updates here. That includes what works well, what doesn't, and any crazy ideas! Or, just respond to this email to say hello :)
Have a great weekend and be safe out there!
CEO at Flux
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