When visiting flux.ai on mobile without being signed in, and clicking on sign in on the top right corner, the user gets forwarded to the mobile interstitial. The interstitial says that flux.ai is not available yet on mobile and that they should sign up for the waitlist and check out flux.ai on desktop.
However since the user already has a flux.ai account (since they try to sign in), it does not make much sense. When the user clicks on “view desktop page”, they get shown a properly rendered sign-in page for mobile.
The interstitial should probably show to things: “Don’t have an account yet? Join the waitlist”.
And “Flux.ai is not yet available on mobile. Visit flux.ai on from a browser on your desktop or (highlighted with the link)request the desktop site in your mobile browser(end of link)”.
P.S. Canny doesn’t show any mobile platforms when picking a Platform in the ticket, which might be good to add for getting better analytics where the issue occurs.